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6:11 a.m. - 2006-02-13


I've caught a cold.

This is monumental because it's literally been a few years since I was sick.

There's nothing I can link my previous perfect health record to. It's not like I'm Joe Granola, eating properly and working out on an hourly basis.

Anyway, my sinuses are filled with mucus this morning. Kinda like the stuffed crust pizza at Pizza Hut is stuffed with cheese.


My analogies suck this morning.

So this whole head cold thing sucks because I've got one of the busiest weeks I've ever had.

I have parties tonight, tomorrow night, I'm off Wednesday night and then more parties Thursday-Saturday night.

Plus my day job.

At the very least, I'm looking at a 60 hour work week.

And my sinuses are stuffed like a pizza at Pizza Hut.

Of course, it could always be worse.

I could live in Mississippi.

I only left the house once this weekend and that was to go to work Saturday night.

The rest of the weekend I spent in bed.

Watched a few movies, I did.

This movie "Waiting"??

People were saying things like "IT'S THE FUNNIEST RESTAURANT MOVIE EVER!!".

Y'see? I should have paid attention to the key word in that phrase ... "restaurant".

How many restaurant movies are there out there?

Anyway, like one of the reviews said ... all of the funniest bits are included in the trailer.

It's still somewhat amusing, but not as funny as the trailer would lead you to believe.

Lookit me gettin' all Gene Shalit up on yo' ass!

Also watched "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart - A Film About Wilco" which reminded me why Wilco is my favorite band right now.

And "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" is my favorite album of all time.

Spread the word, baby.

Love ya some Wilco!

I made a list at work the other day and since I turned 16, I've had something like 36 jobs in my life.

That's a lot of jobs.

I need to bring that list home and comment on each job I've ever held in a future entry like Annie did recently.

'Cept she only had like ... six jobs or something.


Get a real couple of dozen jobs!!

Well, this cold has obviously shut down my funny bone, so I'm going to bow out of this entry about as ungracefully as possible.

If there's a serious lack of entries here this week, it's due to my cold and my wanting to f'n SLEEP IN from working so much.

I'm sure I'm at the top of many of y'all's prayer lists over this cold.


Cure my cold, God!!

Whatcha waitin' on?!?

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