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06:18:55 - 2000-05-01



So ... how the hell are ya?

Good weekend???

ME? was okay.

Of course, it had its ups and downs.


Well...finally got a computer that worked. Got a new lawn mower. Made my first couple of CDs off the computer for people at work. Went to a party and had my ass kissed repeatedly like I was John Grisham. Rented "Mystery Men". Grilled out some delicious chicken breasts and hamburgers. Did better on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" than anyone on the show which always makes me feel superior to everyone around me to the point where people call me an insufferable fool and launch food items toward my stunning head of hair.


Every time I try to download "This Corrosion" by Sisters of Mercy off of Napster, something screws up and I lose it. I spent over six hours yesterday trying to fish the song out of other people's collections.

I was accused of something heinous that even though I'm fully responsible for, I sure as hell thought nobody would ever notice that I was the one who committed the act.

...Eventually I will let you in on THAT secret. And yes...many of you will just SHIT yourselves when you find out.

*tee hee*

But it's going to be a while more. Simply 'cause I'm having fun with it.

I forgot all about a friend's birthday party on Saturday night that I told point blank I would be there. I have now had my complimentary membership in the Friends Hall of Fame permanently revoked.

Susie had yet ANOTHER night terror last night which TOTALLY freaked me out for some reason. Much more than her normal fits of terror leave me.

When she has these, she lets out a high pitched scream that is SOOO unlike her usual voice. It sounds like an infant with its foot caught in a running food processor.

And last night we were sleeping with the windows open.

It's just a matter of time before the cops show up at our place because a concerned neighbor thinks I'm stabbing her in the middle of the night.

...Which, at times, is an appealing thought after she lets out these wailing bursts of terror.

Last night I just instinctively clapped my hand quickly over her mouth and closed it.

...And then I laid there for 30 minutes trying to get my heart rate back to normal while she laid there with a peaceful smile on her face, fast asleep.


TODAY...I have to go out and take even MORE pictures of students who will refuse to smile for me. Marking two days that I have had to shirk all my other duties to make my boss happy.

He's going to shit when tomorrow's deadline rolls around and I only have one story instead of 20 ready.

But it was the one story that he "thought" we badly needed pictures.

Truthfully...this guy just goes to show ya...just because you have a lot of money and can afford a newspaper doesn't necessarily mean you have the conventional wisdom to run a newspaper.

Each week I have to not only write my columns, but I have to pick and choose approximately 20 stories appropriate for the paper.

And because he came up with the brilliant idea of me taking pictures of all these students...those 20 stories haven't even been considered.

Which will be a LOOOOONG day.

Sometimes I don't even think the boss is aware that everyone else on the editorial staff has quit, leaving me the sole writer on the staff.

I truly think that he thinks I don't do anything except on deadline day. So that's why he gave me this assignment of taking pictures of kids.

Ummmm...he's the publisher. I'm the news editor. It's my job to decide what is news and what is not. It's his job to keep pouring money into the business.

Ah well...I'm not gonna bore you with my troubles there.

Annie Nygma pointed out that I've been pretty cranky here lately.

I guess I have.

Most of that was due to my computer woes which has seemed to have trickled off.

Still ... there's other factors in my life that have gotten me cranky.

On edge.


I haven't been Mr. "I Love Life" lately and I apologize.

I PROMISE I will get back to being the old lovable Uncle Bob we've all come to hate and conspire against.

Just...not today.


Just gotta get some shit in order on my end and everything will be peachy keen soon.

Trust moi.

Kisses all around. I'm actually in a good mood today, regardless of what I've typed here this morning.

Soon, you will have your dear ol' Uncle Bob back.

And yes ... I'll still be cupping all my "niece's" asses with glee.


There's a slim chance I may go to the live taping of WCW Nitro tonight since it's only a hop skip and a jump away from me tonight.

If I go, I'll hold up a sign that says "UNCLE BOB LOVES YOU!"

Look for it.

You know...if you're the type of trash that watches wrestling every week like me.


I really do love ya's. Have a great day. I'll do my damndest to be back later but with my work backed up for two days, it may be next to impossible.

I may be at the wrestling matches.

A guy has to have his priorities, y'know.

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