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13:27:08 - 2000-03-10


What a long strange day it's been. And it's only 1 in the afternoon.

The last couple of weeks have been hell on my wife. She's had two friends die quickly and tragically, one in a car wreck, the other had a heart attack. Another, who was accidently shot in the head is never going to be the same again ... yet another friend is terminally ill and probably won't live to see the end of the month.

So...if my entries have been anything less than subpar the last few weeks, it's because every day I have to console her on her life crumbling and ain't in the funny ha-ha mood.

But if you've liked what you've seen lately ... my only gets better once everyone quits dying around here.

So anyway ... this morning, the wife says "Screw it all ... I'm taking a personal day today because I need it."

I agreed with her.

"Are you working today," she asked

My work schedule is flexible. I told her I could take the day off if she wanted me to, but I had planned on going in.

That's fine, she said. She could have a day home alone.

I told her I'd compromise...go in this morning, get stuff done, be home by noon and we do whatever she wants to do.

Dass coo'.

This morning, I work about 30 minutes to an hour on some new clues to find the Golden Easter Egg. I printed some of them earlier.

I get to the office to turn these clues in and there's a woman there.

Holding the golden egg that she had already found.

We were all like "HOLY SHIT".

We've given out five clues...all VERY generic clues, not pinpointing any certain part of town.

And this lady found it.

Hidden up underneath a cornerstone in one of the city's many parks. You literally have to get down and reach up under this thing to get the egg.

And she found it.

Our sales manager was FURIOUS, because this promotion was supposed to last for six weeks and it lasted one.

I was ticked, because I worked on these clues that were actually GOOD and the egg is already found.

We are suspecting foul play here. The night I hid the egg, I saw a security man who was watching me. I'm not sure if he ever saw me actually hide the egg itself, but he kept walking in and out of the building and looking at me from time to time.

He could have came over there after I left and checked to see what I did, found the egg, taken it home and sat on it for a week.

Hell...we literally didn't expect anyone to start looking until this coming week anyway. That's when the clues started getting specific.

This lady heard ONE CLUE on the radio and found it...and the "clue" was ..."look down" meaning the egg was nearer to the ground than the sky.

So now...the sales manager wants to hide ANOTHER egg and me have to go hide it and write even MORE clues to find it.

I politely declined being involved with the hiding of another Easter Egg but was drafted anyway.

THEN ... I come home at noon to be with my wife.

But she's "not in a good mood".

I offered to talk about it, she didn't want to.

I offered to buy her a nice lunch, she wasn't hungry.

I then told her that if she needed me, I'd be in my office, and came back here to the computer.

She came back five minutes later and said she's going to stop by the church and then go run some errands and be back in a few hours.

I apologized for "ruining her day". She assured me that it wasn't me.

And now it's bright and sunny outside, but raining.

It's 1:20.

That was about the most normal 15 minutes I've had all day.

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