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09:51:51 - 2000-05-26



Heh heh.

Jubilee Weekend is here.

Once again...the entertainment at Jubilee is sub-par, compared to a major city like Atlanta, Denver or Chicago.

I mean...I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to Joan Jett and Parliament?!?

Right there is your answer to the level of entertainment that we're dealing with. Has-beens.

Anyway...the music is just the icing on the cake. This is really more of a three-day bachelor party for the guys at work.

For those that haven't been paying attention for the last two months, I'll fill you in ONE MORE TIME as to what's going on this weekend.

...But attention please...

We're getting a nice suite right in the middle of the festival. So you LITERALLY walk 100 yards in either direction to get to a concert stage.

The suite is full of free food and booze.

We print up cards with the room number on them and hand them out to cute girls.

I've only handed out a few because I'm old and married, while the rest are young and single.

And the few I handed out were just to old female friends.


I'm talking senior citizens age.

No. Not really.

I'm planning on getting trashed from noon to dawn, crashing somewhere in the hotel, getting up early the next am, coming home, crashing for a few more hours, showering, and going back in for more.

That's going to be my schedule.

It used to be that I took Jubilee seriously and actually covered the event for my job.

Now it's turned into our office party of the year.

Fine by me.

I've got an intern (Alison ... sweetest girl in the world, dammit) and she's going to be taking pictures all weekend for the paper.

She's a great photographer.

And probably won't be getting as drunk as me either.

Last year, my wife was out of town Jubilee weekend.

I'm lucky I'm still alive.

I got ....ummmmm.... a little crazy last year...

After drinking all night Friday night, I found myself in a hotel room on the other side of the city with two lovely women.

Nothing SEXUAL happened.

....We'll leave it at that...

Anyway ... this is officially my last blowout before the kid is born.

It's DOUBTFUL I will be updating this weekend. I will probably only come home to shower and pass out.

BUT...on the slim chance that I do ... prepare for some doozies.


Heh heh.

WOW!! So last night I learned some swift and neato tricks with my EZ CD Creator!!!

They were swift!

And neato!!

Holy hell. I need a damned Coke.




There...all better now...

Anyway...I learned how to CROSS FADE my songs and then record them to disc so I have one long continuous mix!!

Woot! Woot!!

Then...last night in a burst of creativity, I found pulled out my old playlist book from when I was a deejay, and began downloading songs off Napster to make an exact replica of the sets I used to play when I spun records.

I was known as MC Uncle Bob.

Actually ... I wasn't. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I just went by Jimmy Dee in my club days. A lot of people still call me that today.

Although, in all fairness, most just call me "asshole".

Okay kiddies, I've got laundry and crap to do to get prepared for the weekend. I love you ALL bunches. I will TRY to get by here sometime tomorrow to let you all know I'm still alive.

But if you don't hear from me by Tuesday ... call 911 and report that your Uncle Bob in Alabama is missing and presumed missing.

Yeah. You do that.

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