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4:14 a.m. - 2003-12-11


Ooookay ... after about 23 hours, my "marijuana poll" (mmmmm...what I wouldn't give for a pole of marijuana right about now...) states that out of 1,093 of you, 633 have smoked at least once and 460 of you have never touched the weed. That's a percentage of 58% to 42%.

It's a much tighter margin than I expected. Then again ... many of you were probably stoned when you took the poll and were either super paranoid that you were about to be arrested as you clicked "Yes" or you were so messed up you accidentally clicked "No".

Regardless ... there's a method to my madness.

Dennis Kucinich is running for President.

Currently, he's got about as great a chance of winning the presidency as I do.

Probably even less of a chance.

But the guy swears he will decriminalize marijuana if elected.

For those 633 of you who have smoked it, you know that smoking pot is close to drinking alcohol. Except two hours after smoking, you're no longer trashed like you would be with alcohol.

For those of you who've never smoked it, I feel sure you know someone who has.

Now ... would you like to see that person who has smoked pot in prison for the next ten years?

And for those of you who have smoked it, do you think you need to sit in prison for ten years for doing so?

The answer is emphatically ... no.

Yet, millions of people are behind bars for lighting up a joint while watching "60 Minutes" on a Sunday night.

Dennis Kucinich wants to change that.

And quite frankly ... the guy's got my vote.

In fact, I'm seriously contemplating spearheading a campaign to raise awareness for him on a local level.

Which is why I asked the question I asked yesterday. I wanted to get a gauge on the people who may agree with me and maybe lend their vote to the guy.

There are more good reasons than bad as to why we should decriminalize marijuana.

And I know a few of you are out there who will totally disagree with me based on the fact that your brother's a loser who never is motivated to do anything all because he smokes pot constantly.

Sweetheart ... that's just your brother. I know plenty of people who smoke pot on a regular basis who are not only highly productive but also fine upstanding members of their community.

Anyway ... read the facts. There's too many innocent people who rather than enjoy a martini, lit up a joint and now they're in prison getting buttfucked by a guy named Slate.

Plus ... Kucinich's slogan?

"Light Up America"??

You gotta love this man.

Is Barry Manilow gay?

I mean...when he was popular in the late 70s, all the jocks in school went around saying "Barry Manilow's gay!"

I thought they meant "He's uncool."

Which would, of course, make me shove his Greatest Hits album underneath my books and say "Yeah! He's so unhip!"

But I saw a commercial for tonight's "Will and Grace" last night and he's on it and he just looks ... so ... gay.

Honestly, I've never given the concept any thought.

And it's not like it's going to make me like him any less.

I have his boxed set of CDs.

Haven't ever listened to it in one sitting. Probably never will.

I like the guy. I respect the guy.

I just ... you know ... his sexuality has never been an issue for me.

I was wondering if I could tap into my gay community of friends and see if they have any inside scoop on the Manilow.

If you know for a fact he's gay or not gay, leave a message in my Comments thing at the end of this entry.

I just ... I like to know who all's gay and who's not. It doesn't influence my opinion of them one way or another.

But when I hear Barry singing "Mandy" I can either think to myself "Awww, how sweet!" or "Hey. He's singing to MAN-dy."


I read somewhere that one of the best mixed drinks out there right now is Captain Morgan's Rum and Diet Cherry Coke.

I had two bottles of Captain Morgan's Rum left over from last year's Christmas party.

I bought a 12 pack of Diet Cherry Coke yesterday.

I had my first taste of the combination last night.

Tasted like cough syrup that was filtered through the ass of a donkey.

I'm slowly coming to grips with the concept that I'm not exactly a rum drinker. everyone way excited about "Survivor"??

Not the TV show ... the Diaryland version of it.

I haven't written much about it here because ... well ... to paraphrase my fellow players ... it chomps weenie.

One thing has completely fucked up the game. And if you've been following it at all, you know what it is. But for those of you who haven't (HA!) here it is...

We're in tribes this time. It's the "twist" that was announced at the beginning of the game. It is next to impossible to play this game as a "Tribe". A collaborative effort is out of the question due to time constraints, other people's schedules, etc.

So we're all still writing individual entries and then judging as to who's we will use.

Of course, then you have to remember to not step on anyone's toes and say "Mine's better than yours...your entry sucks." Everyone's trying to be diplomatic and we all end up hem-hawing around until we're running out of time and energy and we just say "Fuck it. Throw whatever you want up there and see if it sticks."

Was I happy with our entry this week?


We had a really good concept going into this week's challenge.

By the way ... the challenge was to write a story based on a photo we were given. The photo is the first photo on our page.

Anyway, our concept was to write a "Memento"-style mystery that would take a guy backward to discover what the photo meant.

After several of us worked on it for several hours, we ended up with what's up there.

But the key is ... WE WORKED ON IT.

The other tribe has simply given up.

They've lost two immunity challenges in a row and apparently that's the end of the world to most of them. They've thrown in the towel and didn't even bother to TRY and write an entry based on the photo.

Instead, they all gently nudged Genghis Jon back to the keyboard and said "Be mean to everyone, Jonny. You're our last hope."

Genghis took off his gloves, threw them to the floor, stared at his comrades with steely eyes and sat down at the computer and cranked out ...


Basically their admission that they no longer care to play the game the way it's supposed to be played and from now on they're just going to do whatever they want in hopes of being kicked out of the game.

So one tribe is still playing the game while the other tribe has quit.

And in my book, quitters should never win.

Personally, if they want to quit, they should be allowed to all quit. Nobody signed a contract here. Wipe out their whole tribe and our tribe will go at it head to head and the contest wraps up a few weeks quicker than expected, which is probably the most appetizing aspect of the entire concept.

I can see the judges throwing the contest this week and allowing the other tribe to win one just so they'll quit bitching and try to get back in the game before the whole thing falls apart.

And if they decide to do that, I've lost all respect for them. They've sent a message that it doesn't matter if you follow the guidelines or even try to play the game.

It's like if you had a football game where one team trained all week and the other drank whiskey and screwed hookers. Then on game day, one team plays their heart out while the others take a nap on the field. And the refs penalize the healthy team for playing their hearts out and end up giving the game to the lazy fucks on the field because they feel sorry for them.

Or if you held an art contest and a guy with a blank canvas won because it was so "innovative".

That's not innovation. It's apathy. And in a contest, apathy should never be rewarded.

I hope it doesn't go that route.

I really do.

Because at that point, the game, the franchise and the concept is officially over in everyone's eyes.

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