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7:01 a.m. - 2004-01-11


First off ... please ... somebody remind me to remember to watch "The Surreal Life" tonight on the WB at 9 pm EST.

Once again, I'm recapping it again for Television Without Pity and I'm scared to death that I'll forget to watch it.

I'd set a VCR ... we have three of them on various TVs throughout the house ... but Andrew's known for walking around the house and cramming one of his videos in the VCR when your back's turned.

Anyway, I encourage everyone to watch the show tonight and then read my recap in a few days. It's really an interesting show ... basically the Real World with has-been celebrities who still think they're on top of the world.

And my recaps are usually better than my diary entries because I actually spend time on the recaps and get paid to do it so I actually put more thought into them.

Whereas my diary entries are ... well ... diary entries. Duh.

Plus, it's the first show I've recapped since May. I NEEDED a long hiatus after having to recap that gawdawful "Fraternity Life" from MTV.

Frat boys + a television camera =13 week-long train wreck.

Spent yesterday taking Andrew to go see "Bear In The Big Blue House LIVE!" on the opposite end of the state.

Let's just say that he had quite a different reaction to Bear than he did The Wiggles.

He's busy hammering out his review of the show which I will hopefully have up for you tomorrow.

Complete with photos.

Whatever happened to Richard Simmons?

I was thinking about him yesterday when driving back from the Bear show and I cannot recall seeing him in several years.

I guess he probably still appears on Letterman, but I can't stay up that late.

Just like you kids can't get up as early as I do.

Damned whippersnappers.

How obvious is it that I'm not into this this morning?

I'm trying to preserve my creative energy for my recap.

Anyway ... watch the show tonight. Read the recap mid-week.

C'mon ... it's got porno legend Ron Jeremy, Tammy Faye Baker, Vanilla Ice and Erik Estrada on the show. That lineup alone promises comedy gold.

See ya.

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