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6:12 a.m. - 2005-07-07


I saw this news story about how some girl is suing the "Girls Gone Wild" people because she was featured in some sort of video or on a DVD case or something and now she wants millions.

To which I say "Hey Sweetie. Keep yer top on and this kinda crap wouldn't happen."

She's wanting to collect for pain and suffering because now people can see her with big white blotches over her boobies all over the world.

To which I again say "Hey Sweetie. Keep yer top on and this kinda crap wouldn't happen."

Anyway, the story went on to say that the Girls Gone Wild series has sold something like 29 million videos.

At about $15 a pop.

Meaning ... some guy with a video camera and a dream is now a multi-millionaire several times over by exploiting young drunk women.

Which made me think ...

I've got a dream.

It's not quite like Martin Luther King's dream, but it's a dream nonetheless.

There's a certain niche in the porn market that hasn't really been exploited yet. Everybody has a fetish of some sort and the fetishists I'm going after are a growing group.

Therefore, if I go after it and tackle it before anyone else ... there's a good chance that I could be a multi-millionaire while leaving lots of young innocent ladies crying in my wake.

I call this new innovation in the porn industry ...


Can you say "Meoooow??" She's so hot, I'd lick her walking cane.

Hello ma'am. I see you forgot your seeing-eye dog at home. Can I walk you across the street ... and into my heart?

Mmmmm ... she makes me want to have braille imprinted on my crotch.

As Stevie Wonder would say "Isn't she lovely?"

Yes! Hot blind punk chicks are go!!

I'm not above appealing to the blind children lovers. I know this may get me in trouble, but I should be able to buy my way out of prison.

Okay ... I'm not sure of the gender of this one. But that's where I'm one step ahead of the Girls Gone Wild guy ... I'll give the gay guys some hotties too.

Just because you hit retirement age doesn't mean you have to give up your fetish porn. Old men who slam the ham while looking at blind women may want something they can relate to.

All in all, I think I'm tapping a market that's ripe for tapping.

You can laugh, but who's going to be laughing when golden wheelbarrows full of cash are delivered to my door because I had a dream?

Me, baby. Me.

And I'm going to be laughing hysterically too.

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