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1:26 p.m. - 2006-08-17


Welllll ... Andrew's first couple of days at his new school have gone well.

He likes the school, his teacher, and the new kids in his class (although he has no idea what their names are).

He has received TWO Time-Outs each on the first two days of school because he doesn't follow directions.

If he keeps this up, he won't be able to watch "Finding Nemo" in his classroom on Friday with all the other kids.

Oh punish him, why don't ya?

The kid has seen "Nemo" so many times he can recite it by memory.

Plus, Nemo was sooooo '04.

Jeez Louise ... is it just me or is this JonBenet suspect creepier than Marilyn Manson on crack?



Toughie, huh??

I did the biggest party I've ever done on Tuesday night and slayed 'em.

At one point, there had to be close to 200 people dancing on the dance floor. It was an amazing sea of people, all doing the Cha-Cha Slide, which I personally despise.

And I was paid an UNGODLY amount of money for the party.

With an hour overtime and a 20% tip ... it was UNGODLY.

And while I'm not exactly sure what "ungodly" means ... I'm pretty sure the amount of money I was paid Tuesday night fit snugly into that category.

Then last night I did a party at one of the city's most popular nightspots and we had a blast.

At one point ... I was set up on a stage because the place gets more bands than DJs ... the stage was full of people dancing in a sweaty rhythmic orgy of flesh all around me.

I mean ... it was kind of cool ... the dance floor spilled onto the stage.

But the stage was shaking and people were in my way to work properly so I had to kinda be an ass and get on the mic and say "Hey, while I appreciate your enthusiasm, you guys are kinda freakin' me out. Let's get off the stage, huh?"

I felt like an old man ... "You kids get outta my yard!"

But hey ... they were traipsin' on my flowers, monkey boy.

So as the last two nights and three days have been one giant blur of work for me, the greatest boss in the whole stinkin' world let me have today off at my day job.

I still have to do that suckass Karaoke gig tonight.

But I've slept for about 8 hours in the last 24 hours and that's like a record for me as of late.

I'm jazzed, refreshed and painfully alert.

I feel like Superman.

In a 3XL Superman suit.

Alright ... I've gotta get in the shower and go pick the boy up from school.

Peace be with you.


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