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07:02:53 - 2000-04-26



I highly recommend that everyone gets a job that gives you every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off.

Work two hectic days...get a day two relaxing days ...take two days off...

Hey comes with age.

Or brains. I haven't figured out which yet. of you finally took the plunge and called the Bobber to hear his angelic voice cough a loogy up long distance.

Affemann called me yesterday morning at work to talk about my computer problems.

And yes...the boy's right. He DID sound like a junior high girl talking to Nick from the Backstreet Boys.

He admitted his love for me TWICE during a five minute conversation.

I had to giggle and blush. I've never had a long distance homoerotic experience before.

I've never had a short distance one either. So I wasn't really sure if I should tell him I love him back.

I mean...I enjoy his diary. It's full of hoots and giggles when he aims it in that direction.

But...I can't say I LOOOOOVE him.

I don't want to hold him and caress him and try to get him pregnant.

I don't want to go on a picnic with him and read poetry to him.

I don't want to lay in bed with him, legs entwined with sloppy tongue kissing going on?

Is this wrong?

I mean...the guy TOLD me he loved me.

And I just ... I dunno...I just don't feel that way.

Please don't look at this as a public shunning, Affie. I think the world of you, I really do.

I'm just not ready to take this relationship to the next level of hot showers together, soaping up each other's muscular frames.



I forgot to close the front window last night before bed and now it feels like Antarctica in here.

Hey...thanks for checking out my other site yesterday. Hits rose substantially thanks to ...well...I would SAY me...but I didn't even bother to look at the page after I typed it in.

So thanks to you. If you liked it (fat chance), check it every weekday and find out that even your favorite Uncle Bob was once a hopeless geek.

I still am, mind you. I just hide it better now.

Well...if the planets line up perfectly, I may have a new computer today.

And that works.

That's highly doubtful of course because it's coming from CIRCUIT FUCKING CITY. COULD happen.

You didn't dawn on me until just now...but the president of the Better Business Bureau in Alabama LOVES my column. He told me that a few years ago.

One call to Mr. Donald Boomershine from his favorite humor columnist bitching about Circuit Fucking City may be all it takes to get what I want.

Tee hee!!

I'm such an imp!!

Today I have to call and go see everyone who I have yet to tell that we're pregnant and inform them of the news.

Mainly because the news hits the papers tomorrow and I'll have a few people pissed that they had to read it in the newspaper first.

I've gotta stop by my old place of employment and tell everyone there.

Gotta call my old boss's wife who loves me like a son.

And I have to call my oldest buddy (both literally and figuratively) and let him know.

He's 54 years old. We've known each other about 16 years, longer than I've known anyone outside of family. We were club deejays together. He's still deejaying, albeit on the radio mostly and private parties. I dropped out completely because of the stress.

Yes...the stress involved with deejaying.

I'll get into it some other time when we all have more time.

Right now, my dog is rolling around on the floor and howling.

It's time for her walk.

I'll talk to ya later...promise...

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