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10:02:09 - 2000-11-04



I finally got some last night...a little over seven hours...that rocked.

...Then again...that may be the LAST time I get that much for a while though.

I dunno ... he may only be a day old and is still adjusting...but this little guy doesn't cry AT ALL. We had him with us for about ten hours yesterday ... never made a peep. Just looked around and stared. He pooped his diaper once...just kinda kicked a bit to let us know "Hey...I'm wallowing in poop here..."

If he stays this way, he will be the ultimate cool baby. Sadly, I think the lack of sleep has me disillusioned.

Let's cover a few more quick facts about him...

*He's 7lbs, 9 oz, 21 inches long....far less than what the doctor SAID he'd be...he did NOT have to be induced by any means, which kinda has me pissed off at the doctor. If we had him induced two weeks ago when he was "8 lbs, 8 oz." he would have been teetering around 6 lbs. I'm glad Susie had the mindset to tell him induction at this time two weeks ago. Still...I can't be too mad at the doctor when I'm holding the baby.

* He's got a cleft in his chin and dimples. Future ladies of America...WATCH OUT!

* He sneezes...A LOT. I was worried that it might be all the flowers in the room or how cold it is in the room (Susie is BURNING UP), but a friend that used to be a nurse told us he's probably still getting rid of stuff in his body through sneezing. We're seeing our pediatrician this morning.

* He's adorable. Did I already say that??

We had a ton of guests yesterday and are expecting even more today. People I had never even met were stopping by to see him. And he was just as cool as can be, looking at them and wondering "What the hell are you people doing here?"

I'm too giddy to be coherant here and give you an actual diary entry. The labor was one of the best you could hope for. Ladies...I STRONGLY recommend epidurals. Susie went through an hour of pain ... got her epidural fand from there on,she couldn't feel a thing. She was having contractions that were going off the chart ... she just laid there and smiled.

And she still had the ability to "push" him out.

I watched the whole thing happen. I had NO INTENTION of even being NEAR Susie's crotch. But one of the nurses told me I was going to be holding a leg, so I let the video camera just run, grabbed a leg and stared at Susie's face for 30 minutes.

Then, the head nurse said "You should see this." Against my better judgement, I took a peek and saw Andrew's head peeking out slightly.

From there, I was hooked. I had never stared at my wife's crotch so much in my life.

She was having a bit of a time squeezing Andy out.

Uncle Bob to the rescue.

I asked Susie if she could see what she was doing, since every time she pushed, she was staring at her groin. She told me she couldn't. So I asked that we got her a mirror so she could see what was happening.

They brought her a mirror, she saw him crowning, and that motivated her to give him that one last push that he needed to come out.

My God, y'all. Amidst everything that was going on down there, there was the most beautiful boy in the world. I cried. She made sounds that I've never heard her made before ... my one regret is that I don't have his actual birth on know...I didn't have the camera pointed straight at him when he entered the world. I have it burned in my memory forever...but ... I just really wish I could see it again. I only videod Susie's upper half, to kinda keep it G-rated for the grandparents ... and that's my only regret right now.

The outpouring of love from you guys has been phenomenal. Simply phenomenal. Of course, right now I have absolutely no time to return all the emails of well-wishing, but rest assured, I think the world of each and every one of you and am so glad that I happened upon the Diaryland community so many months ago. Community my ass...we're a FAMILY here at Diaryland. Y'all are great ... and I'm proud to say I "know" each of you.

I saw the most beautiful sight yesterday. I went out to get Susie a milk shake from Steak 'n' Shake. When I came back...she and Andrew were both sound asleep with him nestled safely in her arms. There's no words to describe the pride and joy that I had in my heart at that moment. It was just so beautiful.

We DID get him circumsized yesterday. The nurse said he did great and when we saw him next, he was resting peacefully and was then awake for several hours, never once complaining about us taking away a fraction of an inch of his manhood. So even though it's a barbaric practice ... it barely phased my little trooper.

Sorry this entry is all over the map as far as content today. Bear with me as I get my bearings together over the next few days. We're bringing him home tomorrow and life indeed changes from there.

I'm sooo overjoyed. He's twelve years in the making and worth every day of it.

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