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3:39 p.m. - 2001-07-16


Oh yeah...I forgot to tell y'all ...

Last night at our Fellowship Dinner at Church, our interim pastor who I just don't like, gave all the kids little sticks with glittery stars glued to them.

She gives one to Andy. It goes straight in his mouth because it's something he can hold in his hands and anything that can be held in his hands gets shoved in his mouth. I take it away from him and give it back to the interim pastor and inform her that he's too young for this shit and she must be some kinda fucking moron to give the boy something like this.

Actually, I just said "He's too young for this, Joy" and handed it back to her.

I stupid do you have to be, huh?

So anyway...this morning after I did the Monty Python entry, I go out to the den to hang with Andy.

He's grunting and groaning. Okay ... cool. I grunt and groan with him. Soon, we're grunting and groaning in unison.

We've got a few minutes before Grandma's s'posed to show up and I take him to change out of his jammies into something more comfortable.

I smell the distinct smell of baby shit.

So I take the diaper off and it's pretty nasty.

...Except for one glittery little perfect star in the middle of all this shit.

I thought that was pretty cool myself.

Susie didn't find it as amusing as I did though.

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