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10:41:10 - 2000-12-10


I feel sick.

Susie told me last night right before I went to bed that her father and his wife are flying in from California to see the baby on Tuesday.

I knew they were flying in sometime during December, I just didn't know the exact date.

Susie's father and I ... well...okay ... I don't care for Susie's dad.

He's loud, strange and he left his family high and dry and married this other woman.

I've only met him twice in 14 years.

My father in law.

The first time was when Susie and I started dating in 1986. The last time was this spring when Susie announced her pregnancy while they were here and I was forced to go out with them all.

Whenever he's come to town, I always managed to get out of seeing him. There was a little bit of bad blood there that I don't want to get into right now.

So anyway...they're coming to town, right??

...And they're staying with us.

Alright...right there...that sucks. They have never even been to my house in 14 years. Now that all this "water's under the bridge" they can just move right in.

....For a fucking week.

A week.

Say it with me, kids....A WEEK.

I don't like this man, I don't like his wife. I have had company here since the beginning of November and just want to relax in my own house in my boxers and t-shirts.

Now ... for one solid fucking week, I will be greeted early in the morning by this former military man who will be on my computer at 4 a.m. looking up stale jokes that he can forward to every single person he's ever met that has e-mail capabilities.

Fuck almighty.

I'm dreading this.


Y'know...we got 95% of our Christmas shopping done yesterday.

Then again, we're only buying for nieces and nephews this year. All the adults on Susie's side exchange names, so we had to buy those people their stuff too.

And yeah...most of the kids got gift certificates.

And yeah ... those that didn't got crap that I picked out myself. Doesn't every 16 year old boy want "Tony Hawk Pro Skater II"?

That's what I thought.

We ended up going to Toys 'R' Us...something I swore I wouldn't do. In my mind, we could get every single thing we needed at our Walmart Super Center, including groceries for last night's meal.

We ended up getting deodorant and Christmas tree lights at Walmart. Walmart sucked.

So we get to Toys R Us.

We squeezed into the store and the doors closed behind us. It felt like we were in a giant crowded elevator except there were no illuminated numbers above us to stare at.

We needed two Play Station games, a Harry Potter book, two Pokemon Gold and/or Silver Gameboy games, three gift certificates and a model of something called Wangum Wing or something like that. It's some Japanese anime deal or however the hell you spell that. Sorry kids, in my day we called Japanese art what it was ... Japanese art. We didn't give it fancy names like anime.

There was this one super rude lady there whose credit card wasn't being honored. The machine kept saying she was over her limit and she swore she couldn't be.

I bet her husband rang up thousands in phone sex charges.

Today ... oh God...what a day I have lined up...

Church this morning.

Come home, bake cookies.

Susie's office Christmas party at 3 ... I hope we win a DVD player. I don't care for the people she works with ... but damn...they throw some hellacious Christmas parties as far as door prizes go. Stereos, TVs, name it, they give it away.

Then we have the church's Christmas Cantata at 6, followed by a cookie party.

Hence...the cookies I baked earlier.

Gotta lotta stuff to do today.

I have to videotape the Cantata. Which means I get to stumble around the church like an ass rather than sit and enjoy the little concert.

I don't mind really.

Sometime today I have to download all the pics of Andy off my digital camera onto my hard drive.

Speaking of which...he's now sleeping six hours a night. If we lay him down about 11, he's sleeping til 5 a.m.

The perfect baby, I'm tellin' ya.


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