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20:15:04 - 2000-01-22


Waiting around to go to a party. The party started an hour ago, but I like to be fashionably late. So we're leaving here at 8:30, should be there by 9, hang out for a little bit and then come on home.

I'm not too hip on parties these days. I had my share of parties in my teens and 20s. A lot of my friends can attest to the fact that I used to party harder than Motley Crue. That's right, baby. The original party animal ... is now Uncle Bob.

Anyway ... this party is a BBQ and Beer bash given one of my old buddies and his wife. Usually at his parties, I'm put in charge of something. I've cooked 20 slabs of ribs at one of his parties. At another I mixed an endless mix of party tape music for six hours. At another I had to bring some...well... anyway...

So the Mrs. is flipping channels on the television, and I came back to my office to listen to this Freestylers disc that I finally got tonight. I've been looking for this disc forever. EVERY store in town is sold out of it...I didn't bother to check WalMart though. rocks. I may be a 38 year old white man but I still love today's music.

Well ... not all of it.

Personally ... I'm into dance shit. And innovative dance music. I will listen to anything techno. I love the Chemical Brothers...Fatboy Slim...Leftfield...Prodigy ... this Freestylers disc I got tonight gets better with every single song...I can't stop groovin' ...

I was a club deejay through the mid 80s through the mid 90s. It was there that I learned to appreciate the importance of a good steady beat. There's no better feeling than getting a groove on for a bunch of drunks who totally get into the magic you're making.


Pass the 'shrooms, duuuude.

Anyway...if you like to listen to great dance music that makes you feel sexy ... check out this Freestylers disc..."We Rock Hard" is the name of it.

On a completely other stratosphere...I was cleaning out an old desk and ran across some diaries from when I was a teenager... Actually ... diaries from 18 to 23 and then a few more in my late 20s.

Yeah...I was a guy who kept a diary in high school. And I turned out straight. Go figure. Actually, in high school, the only career that I thought I may be halfway decent at would be a writer. I told this to a guidance counselor who suggested I keep a daily diary and commit myself to writing every day. I did that. And now I'm a writer. Funny how shit works out like that sometimes. I never thought about that until just now. Karma, dude.

Anyway, since I ALREADY keep a daily journal at my other site , I was thinking of reprinting my diary from 1980 day by day here.

From when I was 18 and going through a buncha shit myself.

Is that ignorant or what?

Ah well, we'll see.

It's 8:15. If I left now, I would arrive at 8:45, almost two hours after the party started. Would that be fashionably late enough?

IT is in my book. I'm outtie.

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