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10:07:56 - 2000-11-21



I actually got a decent night of sleep last night...six hours with only two wake-ups!! I don't just feel like a million bucks ... I feel like $1,000,143.26!!!


Shit. The kid just woke up. Dammit, he's just so precious ... but I wish he'd sleep more.

Sooooo...lemme see ... some thoughts on the last couple of days ...

* All my favorite football teams won this weekend. That was pretty awesome.

* My 16-year-old niece reminds me SOOOO much of Dawn Wiener from "Welcome To The Doll House". She's a sweet girl, very smart and quiet. She looks a lot like Dawn except her teeth are straight. Anyway ... she gave the sermon at Youth Sunday on's when the youth take over the church and conduct the service. She got up there and did her sermon and I thought..."This is just like Welcome To The Dollhouse 2". You could barely hear her because she was hardly talking above a whisper. Any self confidence she may have harbored was slight, and she just looked like she'd rather be anywhere than there.

I dunno. It was just a thought.

* I've been putting off making my Second Annual Christmas CD. It seems that whenever I know that I have to do something ... I don't want to do it. How tough is it to make a Christmas CD?? I've got all the songs ... JUST DO IT.

Sadly ... I can't. I have to have a foot up my ass to do such things.

* Because of Thanksgiving, we moved our deadline day from Tuesday to Monday of this week ... so yesterday was my busy day of the week, which is so cool ... because after Monday, the rest of the week is a piece of cake. Today, I'm just going to go in and clean up my desk, screw around, etc. Tomorrow, we close at noon and then we're off Thursday and Friday and of course the weekend. So...I get another mini vacation...

...Except my parents come to town tomorrow.

They're staying in a hotel...they always have when they come to visit. They haven't been here since 1995 though ... we always go see them.

But they're coming to see the baby this time.

My family hates the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Dad usually fries or smokes a turkey when we go up there (South Carolina). But Mom begged me not to cook turkey for Thanksgiving.

So I'm doing fajitas.

Yes...Thanksgiving fajitas.

We're one strange family.

My sister comes to town Thursday morning. She's staying with us though. Then she leaves Saturday and Susie's sister gets here from Texas on Saturday afternoon and she's staying here for a week.

So ... today is the last day for about ten days that I'll be able to walk around in t-shirt and boxers for a while.

Sure...I could still wear the boxers with family here. But when you have an awesome pecker like mine, it's always trying to snake out and greet everyone.


My godparents sent us $50 for Andrew yesterday which was pretty cool. I haven't seen these people in ten years or so ... they're supposed to be the ones I go to when my parents die.

I think it'd be kinda funny when my parents die if I just showed up at my Godparent's house on Christmas morning.

"Where's my presents?"

I shot some video of Andrew last night. It's strange, because his features are getting more distinct in his face and (to me) he's beginning to look less and less like me. Susie still thinks he's the spitting image of my baby pictures, but I think he's losing that charm quickly, so I videoed him. We had fun with him...he was asleep and we were narrating the video for when he's 20.

"Here's what you used to look like when you passed gas"

"Here's what REALLY calmed you down...(me putting my pinky in his mouth and him sucking away on it)"

It was fun.


Look at my bum.

Not my ass...the homeless guy I keep in my closet...

Alright...I'm officially bored. Time to move on and go walk the dog.

Have a good 'un, peeps!



What's the funniest thing you've ever seen in a movie? What scene made you laugh harder than ever?

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