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5:15 a.m. - October 20th, 2000


Well, well, well....

A week from now, I will be holding my baby boy while I type this crap in.

Yep ... there's been a little ummm...turnaround in this whole "Waiting For Baby" thing.

Y'see...heh heh ... wait 'til you hear this ... the doctors were WRONG when they gave us a due date...ohhh...eight months ago.

Y'see...WEEEE were told the baby was due November 9th.

Nope. Try October 25th.

Try next Wednesday.

Try induced labor.

Apparently, my boy is a monster boy already...8 lbs. 8 oz. and he's READY to come out of his womb and start wreaking havoc as only the son of Uncle Bob can do.

So this Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m. Susie gets admitted to the hospital and the induction starts.

By all accounts ... at about 3 a.m. she's going to pop this bad boy out.

I'll tell ya what...this has TOTALLY freaked me and the Mrs. out. We were anticipating another month of getting prepared for the little guy since we've been told first babies are usually small and late.

But...according to his ultrasound taken yesterday, he's ready NOW.

Sooooooo....hummitty humm hum hummmmmm....

....I'm still freaking...

It's a "good" freaking...I mean...yeah...I can't wait to see the little slugger and hold him and smell him and all that stuff.

But man ... football season's not over yet.

My yard needs mowed.

The kitchen floor needs mopped.

There's just a BILLION things I was going to do between now and November 16th when we THOUGHT he might be here. only concern is getting the newspaper in order so that it can run without me for a few weeks. Hell ... I was even putting off THAT.


I is cool that I know the exact birthdate of my boy before it happens. I can appreciate that.

But in a's like knowing the exact date you're going to die. You've gotta cram as much life into those last few days as humanly possible. will this impending birth affect YOU??

Well ... safe to say that Tuesday of next week will probably be my last update for the week. I will do everything in my power to give a quick update on Thursday or so to let you guys know how everything went ... but I'm not making any promises. I have a feeling that "Uncle Bob" will be the furthest thing from my mind a week from now.



So we got the last two pieces of baby furniture tossed into his room last night ... a glider with an ottoman and a big oak dresser for his clothes.

Susie just sat in her new glider all night, calling everyone she knew to tell them that Wednesday is the big day while she glided back and forth.

I think it was the happiest I've ever seen her.


I interviewed a new intern for myself yesterday. A 16-year-old kid named Andrew.

Which...the name alone meant he was a good kid.

We sat and racked our brains together, trying to come up with something he'd enjoy doing around the office.

I came up with a cool solution ... he's our new racing correspondent. He said he really liked racing, and I made a few calls and got him a press pass for the two local speedways (It's law your city MUST have at least two speedways).

He couldn't believe it.

"So I can go down in the pit and take pictures?"

"Just don't get in anyone's way...yeah sure."

"And I can interview the drivers?"

"Yeah. It's part of the job."

I thought the guy was gonna just die. He seemed pretty excited.

I like doing that for my interns. Finding something of interest to them, and then finding a way to turn that interest into work. Because it's a whole lot easier to write about something you're interested in, then not.

As he said, "I thought I'd have to write about politics. This is soooo cool!"

Yeah. Remember that when I flunk yer ass.

I'm kidding. As long as my interns do what I ask, they get an A ... no matter how good a job they end up doing.

Plus...the kid's name is Andrew...the same as my boy. HOW can I dislike him??


That's about it from my chair. Like I said ... I'm a little freaked this morning and have trouble concentrating on anything other than counting the days until I hold my boy.

I feel confident that you're forgiving me.



What's your favorite song lyric?

(Thanks to Tigger for that question.)

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