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12:56 p.m. - 2001-07-20


My life is soooo cool!

Edweird and I went to The Buzz at lunch, a local used record store thing. And when I walked in, I saw Rad, who's about my oldest friend in town (I've known him for about 17 years). So Rad's got all this money but he can't find anything in the store that he likes.

"Get 'Snatch'," I suggest, referring to the recently released DVD of the Brad Pitt film.

"Snatch?" he said. "I got some snatch last night."

We both shared a hearty chuckle over his play on words and I explained that "Snatch" was my most recent favorite rental flick.

So he goes over to the DVD wall, pulls "Snatch" down and buys it.

Then he hands it to me and says "Enjoy your Snatch!"


He bought it for me!

I felt like kissing him or something, 'cos it was like $25, but he was cool with it.

I reminded him that he had told me he was going to contribute to my Biggest Rat campaign back in April but he never did, so this kinda made up for it and he agreed.

...Except I benefitted from this deal, not the American Cancer Society.

Rad's alright with me.

We've got a pretty wicked thunderstorm going on outside right now.

Y' case you tuned in to hear some weather reports from yer Uncle Bob.

Yesterday, my sleazy ex-drug dealer came by the office to see me.

I was all uncomfortable because he knows I quit smoking pot over a year ago, yet every time he comes around he's all like "You still uhhhhh....???"

And I'm all like "Yeah huhhhhhhhh."

I used to work with the guy years ago and worked with him for years before I found out he was an official "hooker-upper".

And he doesn't really LOOK like a drug dealer. Hell, he's in his 50's now. Wears a coat and tie everywhere he goes. He's a professional businessman, but he happens to know all the big dealers in town and was always pretty reliable when you needed the Mary Jane.

So anyway, he comes in, sits in the visitor's chair in my office and proceeds to make cell phone call after cell phone call on his cell phone ... speaking LOUDLY to everyone on the phone.

These were official business deals, not drug deals that he was making, mind you.

Anyway, for about 20 minutes or so, he's just making calls and taking calls and really didn't hardly speak to me.

So finally, he ends a call, I push myself from my desk and say "Nice seeing you, Buddy. Take care!"

Then I took him on the other side of the building where he could get caught up on old times with Edweird, who was never a druggie, but he worked with Buddy too.

And I hauled booty before Buddy could try to sell me some pot and have me politely but firmly remind him that I'm a father and a church-going father at that.


I'm bored.

In case you couldn't tell.

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