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6:38 a.m. - 2003-11-12


I apologize, but I've got nuttin' for you guys this morning.

I'm being pulled in about five different directions (two arms, two legs and this magnificent pecker o' mine) and I overslept and I have to get my morning walk in because my health is more important than trying to get a giggle out of you guys each morning and and and and and ....


It's this goddamned Diaryland Survivor thing.

As Genghis Dick pointed out ... it's extremely tough to get a collaborative effort between six people written in a 48 hour period where some sleep all day and are up all night and others do the opposite.

It's even tougher when a member of your tribe accidentally emails a member of the other tribe with your plans for the entry.


Alright fine...I FUCKED UP!



Anyway, that entry should be up on this website sometime today. The basic premise (if you haven't kept up with the game so far ... snort!) is that our tribe has been transformed into a group of mutant superheroes.


Are ya on the edge of your seat yet?

Anyway, once everyone gets out of bed and gives me the thumbs up to post the thing, I'll post it here.

It really is an amusing read, people. There's probably a few inside jokes that will fly over your head and it definitely helps if you know the personalities that we're working with.

But you should like it.


I want you to check out a relatively new diarist.

I want to splash his name up in lights before everyone else is doing it, proclaiming their love for this guy's talent.

His name?

Danger Spouse.

This guy is so damned funny, it's unbelievable.

He really needs to get his forum working though so everyone can shower him with the love he deserves.

As you know, I don't promote people here very often unless they have good causes.

This guy's only good cause is that he writes extremely well and witty.

I say all that and should preface it with the fact that today's entry of his ... well ... it's not his best.

Take an hour, go back to the beginning and get caught up on the guy.

I promise you, by the time you read his entries, you'll be laughing hysterically and have a new buddy to be reading most every day.

He's worth the click, peeps.

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