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06:26:54 - 2000-02-28


First they even CONDUCT panty raids on college campuses any more??? I know we still have campus shootings, but panty raids?

I never hear about them, but then again, I've been outta college for 16 years and they don't really report Panty Raids on the news.

My first panty seems like yesterday....

(Distorted and fuzzy Time Machine camera action while Bob ponders his first Panty Raid and rubs himself)

It was 1980 and to be honest, I don't remember a second panty raid, so this should be titled ...


All the guys in our dorm at Western Kentucky University decided to go out one night and scream outside girl's dorms for them to throw us their panties out the window.

First off....why???

Sure, it sounded like something fun and different and homophobic, but I'm not really a lingerie fetish ... ummmm.... guy. It's kinda like Christmas morning. Do you want to sit and stare at the pretty package, or do you want to unwrap it and get the gift??

I'll take the gift, Vanna.

I didn't really grasp the whole "Why I should be erotically charged" concept of this mission.

A girl throws you her panties.

You study them.

Game over dude.

Why I should leave the sanctuary of my dorm room to participate in this event was beyond me.

So, of course, being a college student and having college student reasoning, I jumped right in.

Our first dorm was the one next door to us. We all just gathered outside the windows and started chanting "Panties! Panties!!"

And sure as hell, a shower of panties rained down upon us.

Everyone whooped and hollered and gathered as many pairs of undergarments as they could and then went to the next dorm.

By the time we got done, I had close to ten pairs of panties. Some of the girls were throwing down some fairly expensive looking duds. Some sent us their OLD panties ... panties that should have been in the trash years ago. Panties that were left in the grass because nobody wanted to touch them.

My roommate even got a pair of men's jockeys thrown his way.

He wasn't pleased.

Anyway, one pair had a note scribbled on them ... The name Amanda and a phone number.

Wow. Talk about your horny chicks. Who'd ever thunk about using their panties for advertising space?

Naturally, I called her.

At the time, I had a girlfriend, so I knew little would come from this phone conversation.

I called Amanda and told her I had caught her panties. She was a little embarrassed and I assured her they were some of the nicest panties thrown in my direction all night.

We made small talk, since the only thing we really had in common was my possession of her panties. She asked if I wanted to meet sometime for lunch.

I said sure. I had already seen the girl's panties. Why not see her??

I remember my roommate was in shock at how smooth all this went down. An hour earlier, I was complaining about my girlfriend. Now I'm having lunch with a chick who threw me her panties.

We met for lunch and as it turned out, this was a gal whose picture I had noticed in our Freshman Directory. NUMEROUS times.


We had a pleasant enough lunch, but there was no chemistry there. Mainly because I kept babbling nervously about my girlfriend back home who would probably not appreciate me having lunch with a college woman.

I even gave her back her panties in a brown paper bag. Whatta nice guy.

Pretty boring story, eh??

Ah well....they can't all be's early and I'm mentally constipated...type at ya later....


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